Weekly Summary 9/18/2015

This week was very interesting for me personally. I tried to read through the list of our assignments that we needed to do for week 4 but my eye kept jumping to the Photoblitz. I was confused and curious as to what a Photoblitz was and decided to read through the description of it. I was super excited to do it after reading the list I received of pictures I needed to take for it and decided to do it right away. I really enjoyed making My Photoblitz and can’t wait to do it again. As for the readings about the visuals of storytelling, I found them to be very interesting and was astonished that I actually use methods of photography already, without even knowing it. I really enjoyed the reflection on cinematography as well, mostly because I got to watch one of my favorite horror movies. However, analyzing The Ring was harder than I expected. I found myself watching it for pleasure more than a few times and had to remember to look for elements of photography instead of just watching it for entertainment. Watching The Ring also helped me create my paranormal image. Samara, the deceased girl who kills anyone that watches the tape, is very pale with long black hair. I saw her in The Ring and remembered a picture I took with my friend where the lighting made me look so pale that I looked like a ghost. I ended up using the image as my paranormal image while composing a story about me being an actual ghost to make it seem a bit more scary than it originally looks.

I loved doing this weeks daily creates. September 14ths daily create was to make a cover for a self-help book that wasn’t that helpful.

September 15ths daily create was to post a picture that stirred an emotion in the viewer.

September 16ths daily create was to take a recent picture and make it look old.

The assignment bank assignments were fun for me since I am a very visual person and we had to do 12 stars of visual assignments. I decided to do four 3 star assignments because I found two 3 star assignments that I really wanted to do and decided that doing two other 3 star assignments would be easiest to compute. I ended up doing the what’s in my bag visual assignment for 3 stars, the visualizing poetry visual assignment for 3 stars, the weavesilk visual assignment for 3 stars, and the redoing a past pose visual assignment for 3 stars. Overall, I enjoyed this week and liked that it tested me a bit more than the previous weeks.

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