Weekly Summary 9/11/2015

I loved how this week’s readings, videos, and assignments were all connected. For the readings I read “Last Respects” from Tales from the Crypt and “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson. I enjoyed both of these readings and liked how they provoked emotions other than fear. I also really enjoyed watching the video about Vonnegut’s method and thought it was hilarious while very informative. I also loved writing a host character. I completely made up this character and found a place for her in American Horror Story’s storyline.

This week’s daily creates were really fun. September 8ths daily create was to make Kelsey feel better after her computer crashed.

September 10ths daily create was to write about an ocean in your backyard.

September 11ths daily create was to take a movie title, change a letter in the title, and draw a picture of what that movie would be about.

The assignment bank assignments were really fun. I don’t typically like writing but these assignments were actually exciting. We had to do 8 stars worth of writing assignments so I did the bucket list assignment for 3 stars, the favorite place to live assignment for 2 stars, and the picture is worth a thousand words assignment for 3 stars. I included the story “The Lottery” in my bucket list assignment because I never want to win the lottery ever again. I also made a menu for the blog and it has made organizing my blog sooooo much easier.

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