Weekly Summary 8/28/2015

Before I start this week’s summary I wanted to play the song that was on replay in the mental institution Briarcliff in American Horror Story Asylum, in which Bloody Face was a psychiatrist.

Now that you have gotten a feel of the atmosphere in Briarcliff I can move onto my thoughts on this first week of “class”:

I LOVE THIS CLASS!!!! I love the horror theme. I love using different types of media to portray an idea or story. I love the connection between myself and other students and professors. This class is going to be fun. I already had a UMW domain so I kind of knew the ins and outs of using it but having to create a subdomain threw me for a loop. However, I jumped in and ended up landing on my feet, luckily. I learned what a subdomain is and how it works and it was actually a bit harder than I thought it would have been. Whereas, the process of embedding media into a post was much easier than I thought it would be. Even though I have had a UMW domain for a year now, I had only blogged with text and links to code but never included actual pictures, videos, sound clips, or even tweets before. I have ended up liking Twitter a lot more than I did when I had a personal account and, even though it was a little aggravating at the beginning, Soundcloud has grown on me. I am super excited to see what our class comes up with and can’t wait to be scared and creeped out.

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