Weekly Summary 11/13/2015

This week was really fun because mashups make you think outside of one genre while remixes force you to change the way something that has already been made. We had to do two remixes this week. I chose to make a prequel for my room and add Waldo to someone’s Richmond, VA picture collage. The daily creates for this week were interesting. November 7ths daily create was to make a ds106 inspired winter hat.

November 10ths daily create was to find a picture that portrayed a bridge over troubled waters.

The assignment bank mashup assignments were really fun. I had to do 10 stars worth of mashup assignments and one of my assignments had to be related to my host character. I decided to do two 3 star assignments and two 2 star assignments. The first 3 star assignment was to mashup two iconic movie scenes. The other 3 star assignment was to take one picture a day and combine them in a video. The first 2 star assignment was to put Talky Tina’s head onto something unusual. The other 2 star assignment was to mash together clips of your favorite TV character into one video.

You can also check out some of the work my classmates have been doing, and my comments on their work, below:

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