Weekly Summary 10/9/2015

This week was a little hectic. Luckily I found a group for the radio show quickly, which took some of stress away. After we decided what we were going to do for our show, I made a logo for our show. I also detailed how our radio show will be laid out and what I am doing on my part of the show.

I liked the assignment bank assignments this week but they were a bit too stressful for my taste. We only had to do 10 stars, but 5 of those stars had to connect to our host character. I chose to do two 3 star assignments connecting to my host character and one 4 star assignment to round out the 10 stars. The first assignment I did was the 4 star assignment. I chose to do the 911 call assignment and loved it so much that I decided to make a tutorial for it to help others be successful with the assignment in the future. The next assignment I did was the sounds of my day assignment and I based it off of my host character. The final assignment I did was to tell a story and use sound effects to accentuate it. This week turned out to be very unnecessarily stressful but I got through it.

You can also check out some of the work my classmates have been doing, and my comments on their work, below:

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  1. Good job with this week’s assignments! I am glad you found your group quickly and that relieved some stress. I enjoyed the sounds of the day assignment you did!

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