Weekly Summary 10/30/2015

I enjoyed this week more than I thought I would. I don’t normally like making videos of myself but I found the fun side to it and it’s not too bad. I did a video analysis of a scene from The Ring. This assignment was a bit ruff in the production stage but the analysis stage was really fun. The Daily Creates were awesome this week because I ended up relating both of them to my host character. October 25ths daily create was to make a tongue twister.

October 26ths daily create was to make a missing poster.

The assignment bank video assignments this week were surprisingly more fun than I thought they would be. We had to do 10 stars with 4 of those stars involving our host character. I did the DIY product commercial for 5 stars and used my host character to add gruesome humor to the video. I also made a video about something that I love for 2 stars. The final video assignment I did was to spell out a word or phrase in sign language for 3 stars.

You can also check out some of the work my classmates have been doing, and my comments on their work, below:

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