Weekly Summary 10/23/2015

This week was a bit crazy since it was also Homecoming week but I ended up getting everything done. Listening to everyone’s show was really cool. I loved listening to the 3rd Millennium Countdown. The Daily Creates were really fun this week. October 21sts daily create was to make a stick figure out of something from nature.

October 22nds daily create was to find something that is pretty on the outside but hides something bad.

October 23rds daily create was to remove something from a famous painting.

The assignment bank assignments were fun this week because we could choose the genre. We had to do 10 stars using our host character and another host character from our class. I decided to do 5 stars from the visual genre and 5 stars from the writing genre. The first visual assignment I did was to make a picture from 4 lines, 5 dots, and 1 curve which was 3 stars. The second visual assignment I did was to visualize something scary that I wouldn’t want to see outside of my window which was 2 stars. The first writing assignment I did was to write a story that starts with the ending which was 2 stars. The second writing assignment I did was to write a letter to a friend which was 3 stars.

You can also check out some of the work my classmates have been doing, and my comments on their work, below:

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