Weekly Summary 10/2/2015

I LOVED DESIGN WEEK! I absolutely love designing things and am glad I got to read up on concepts of design and how they work to better designs. I enjoyed reading The Vignelli Canon and wrote about how I interpreted Vignelli’s concepts. Once I read on how to use design concepts to better my design skills, I did the DesignBlitz to try to find the concepts that were discussed in the reading. I also watched Alien, one of my favorite movies, and discussed how these design concepts were used in the movie. I really enjoyed doing the Love at First Shot assignment because I got to use a picture of my grandparents.

The daily creates I did this week were awesome because I got to create a lot of new things while keeping design principles in the back of my mind. September 27ths daily create was to create a new road sign.

September 28ths daily create was to combine two logos into one.

September 29ths daily create was to draw what we bought that day.

I loved doing the assignment banks assignments this week. Since we had to do an assignment that was at least 4 stars I did one 4 star assignment, two 3 star assignments, and one 2 star assignment. The 4 star assignment I did was to use each letter of my name as the first letter of a word that describes me. One of the 3 star assignments I did was to display a story using four icons. The other 3 star assignment I did was to take a picture and change the concept of the picture. The 2 star assignment I did was to draw a maze and make it as funky as I wanted. This week was great because I got the opportunity to enhance my design skills and learn more about a subject that I love.

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