Weekly Showcase #2

Hey guys! This is your host, Eve Winters, and this week I wanted to focus on all of the hard work we have all put into this class. As we all focus our efforts on finishing our final projects, which all sound amazing and exciting, I wanted to look back on the top five works of the semester.

Number five on our countdown is a design assignment to make your own cereal box cover. I like the thought put into this design and love how detailed it is. You can see the post here.

Mario Cereal Box

Number four on our countdown is a video assignment to make a mini documentary about someone. I like how the person of interest in the video is the host character Spooksy and how creepy the voice is. The voice lends itself to the video and makes it so much better. You can see the post here.

Number three on our countdown is a video assignment to make a montage of things you love. I love that the video was based on the host character, Bridget, who had been locked up for years in an insane asylum but is now free. The focus of the video is everything that is colorful and represents freedom which contrasts Bridget being locked up for years. You can see the post here.

Number two on our countdown is a video assignment to put together two movie scenes. I loved this assignment because it was funny while also being serious. It was different from the horror theme of the class and was a very creative mashup of movie scenes. You can see the post here.

Our number one assignment of the semester is a mashup assignment to combine your favorite three works from the semester into one. Gabby did a marvelous job on this assignment and I love that she chose three assignments about her host character, the Death Whisperer. She combined them well and I enjoyed reading her explanation of her assignment. You can see the post here.

That rounds out our countdown of the five best works of the semester. I hope you all enjoyed looking back on the semester with me and I can’t wait to see everyone’s final project.

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