Visual Storytelling

I would not call myself a photographer, I am more like a tourist when I have a camera. I am either taking pictures to help me remember the places that I have been to or I am taking selfies with my friends and family to remember the experiences that we shared together. I never think about conveying an effect in a picture, I just like to take pictures of things that I want to remember. I also don’t take as many pictures since the main camera on my phone broke so I can only take pictures with the front-facing camera. It’s frustrating asking friends to take a picture and then send it to me or carrying around a camera in order to take pictures, but as soon as I get a new phone I will be taking more pictures.

I actually like photographing the railroad tracks that are near my house. I never even noticed it but I used the line technique while taking the pictures. I just liked the way my eye was drawn to the tracks and followed them. I have never thought about it before, but I actually do take a lot of pictures that are from different perspectives, especially while pointing the lens up in the air. I have thought about buying a heavy duty camera with different lenses and teaching myself photography and how to use it properly, but I don’t have the funds to do it at the moment. Once I got a heavy duty camera, I would like to work on spending time taking pictures and getting the image I want instead of rapidly clicking the shutter button.

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