Video Essay on The Ring

For my video essay I decided to analyze my favorite scene from The Ring. In this scene Noah gets attacked by Samara, the ghost from the video, and dies. I always loved this scene simply because Samara comes out of the television which is awesome. You can watch the scene below:

Now that you have watched the scene, I hope you analyzed it yourself so you can point out anything I missed in the comments. Below is my analysis of the scene:

I feel like I picked up on a lot of the subtle clues in the scene but I’m sure I missed some so let me know if you guys found anything that I didn’t in the comments. I enjoyed making this video but the fan noises from my computer, see below, made this assignment more difficult than it should have been.

*NOTICE* I’m sorry for the fan noises being so loud in my video, especially at the end, but my CPU fan is slowly dying and I need to get it replaced. That is why I decided to not layer my voice over the clip because the fan noises were so loud they just took over the scene.

4 thoughts on “Video Essay on The Ring”

  1. I watched the video and then listened to your analysis and re-watched the video. Your analysis was thorough and captured a lot. The only things I could add are: The spacial aspect of the room where it starts out with a wide angle shot and then narrows for the majority of the scene, focusing on the characters. And how the director blurs some of the scene when panning the room or transitioning from background to foreground. I enjoyed your work!

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