The Vignelli Canon

This reading pointed out many things that I have never really thought of when it came to design. I never thought about letters having a design to them but realize that because I am a perfectionist mine follow one of them. I never intentionally followed a design but did unconsciously. That’s pretty cool while also being kind of weird. I also never really thought about different typefaces as well. I usually use Times New Roman because that is what everyone tells you to use. I guess I also follow this one subconsciously as well.

When it comes to semantics, it depends on what I am doing. If it is an assignment for a class that I am designing, I make sure I understand what I am doing in context to the given assignment. If I am designing something for myself or a friend, I make sure I understand what I, or my friend, wants from the design. That being said, I also make sure others can understand my design. Every time I finish an assignment or design I show it to my roommate and make sure she understands what is going on in it. I also have more than enough discipline. Since I am a perfectionist, discipline just comes naturally to me.

After reading about timelessness, I realize that I agreed wholeheartedly with this aspect. If a company pays someone to design a logo for them, they want it to be a timeless logo so it was a good investment. Although following trends is fun, the design of something has to be able to last. Another thing to think about when it comes to timelessness is the fact that the design should also try to be futuristic. This will help the design achieve timelessness. I also agreed with the discussion of the alignment of text. The aligned left text is most used and simplifies reading, the centered alignment is used for, what I call, fancy circumstances, and the justified alignment is most commonly used for textbooks. This is something everyone typically follows because they reciprocate what they have seen. Practically from birth, everything we read is aligned left. Therefore, that is our natural  go-to alignment.

I enjoyed this reading and learned a lot about design principles that I had no idea existed. I was shocked that I actually implement a lot of these principles of design in my everyday life, as well as in this class, without even knowing it.

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