The “Last Laugh” You Will Ever Hear

After reading the “Last Laugh” I knew I wanted to do the first page of the comic. I loved the idea of setting the scene and mood of the work. Here is some context for my sound effects ideas.

Last Laugh Title Page

I would start with the Tales of the Crypt Cryptkeeper’s laugh and then a deep male voice introducing the comic.

There would be no background music throughout the whole scene because Ernie Ceely is waiting in a doctor’s office, which is sterile, so I want the audio to feel sterile. While Ernie is waiting for the doctor, there should be sound effects of someone shifting around in a chair, a silent chuckle and then soft whimper of pain. Then someone opens a door, a man enters the room, and then the door closes. The dialogue begins. There is walking and a door opens and closes again as Ernie and the doctor enter the examination room. The dialogue continues. There is rustling of clothing as Ernie takes his jacket off and the doctor rolls up his sleeves and then Ernie sits down on the exam table. For this scene I wanted to create a serious atmosphere because Ernie’s pain is serious which juxtaposes his funny personality and the pranks he plays later on in the story.

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