Radio Show Logo

For this assignment I had to create some type of promotion for the radio show we are working on. The name of our radio show is “The Creepy Chronicles”. I decided to make a logo for our radio show because I wanted to use it as the cover picture when we upload our radio show to SoundCloud. Without further ado, one of the Spooky Sisters brings you, “The Creepy Chronicles” logo:

Radio Show Logo

I decided to keep it plain and simple because our radio show has a lot going on so the audience should have something plain to look at. I chose the font because it was not overtly creepy but creepy enough to get the point across. I originally thought of adding more but decided not to since it is a logo so it is supposed to be simple while still catching attention. I also thought about making the grey darker but decided to lighten the mood of our show a bit by keeping it lighter. I hope you guys enjoy our radio show.

5 thoughts on “Radio Show Logo”

  1. I like how you contrasted the simplicity of your logo with the complexity of your show. Keeping the design simple keeps the audience guessing and wondering what your show will be about. I look forward to listening to it in the coming weeks!

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