Radio Show Ideas

Thinking of ideas for a radio show was ruff. I’m confident that when I’m in a group and we are bouncing ideas off of each other more will come but for now I have the following ideas:

  • Tales from the Crypt (radio show version) – I had thoroughly enjoyed reading the comics and thought that introducing the same, or different, stories in audio format would be fun. I googled an audio version of Tales from the Crypt and found out that there was actually a radio show based on the comics that ran for 8 episodes in 2000.
  • Turning a famous movie scene into a horror scene – I had originally thought that picking a Rom-Com scene and making it scary would be fun but then I thought, why not use a scene from any movie from any genre (except from the horror genre, of course)
  • Everyone in the group improvises a ghost story – I always loved telling ghost stories around the campfire when I was little, mostly because everyone’s faces looked funny when they held the flashlight up to them. I wanted to bring that element to radio but wasn’t sure how to do it. I decided that doing a round-robin of everyone in the group reading ghost stories, or making one up, would be just as fun.

2 thoughts on “Radio Show Ideas”

  1. I really like your ideas! Especially the one with making a movie scene into a horror story. I really hope we work together on this because I think we could think of even more things together! I also was thinking about the tales from crypt and doing something similar to that would be fun for the radio show also! All your ideas seem like ones that could easily be used for the show!

  2. I think it would be cool if everyone in the group improvised a story together. Like one person talks for 30 seconds, then the next, until you had a complete story. Maybe there could be a list of objectives the characters had to accomplish before the story ended, and the group could work those in to their individual parts. Let me know if this sounds interesting, I’m still looking for a group to work with.

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