Radio Show…Check!

Luckily the radio show portion of this week was more simple than last week. It was more work, but since we had everything already figured out and outlined in our Google doc it was easier to get things done. We met once on Thursday to finalize our ideas and help each other get the scripts for our portions written. We also decided that since I have no classes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday that I would combine everyone’s audio clips into the final radio show that we made. Overall, this project was really fun but very stressful. I liked that we had to make the bumpers for our shows earlier in the semester because that took off a lot of the stress. I ended up making my commercial before my main section of the show as well to get the little things out of the way so I could focus on my main section of our show. I enjoyed putting everyone’s audio clips together because I like being organized and since I am a perfectionist I could pay attention to the details. I hope you guys enjoy our final product.

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