Radio Show Beginnings

I was very wary of this assignment because I didn’t know where to begin. Luckily two of my friends are in this class with me so we decided to work together on it. We formed our group right away and had our group name, The Spooky Sisters, and radio show name, The Creepy Chronicles, thought up by Sunday. We chose to split our show into three main 5 minute sections leaving us with 5 minutes for the introduction to our show, the 3 commercials we have, our 3 bumpers, and the conclusion to our show.

For my 5 minute section I have chosen to create a campfire atmosphere. I will use the sound of a campfire crackling in the background to add to this atmosphere. However, the main part of my section will be the telling of campfire ghost stories. After doing the 911 call assignment, where I had to change my voice to make it sound like two different people were talking, I have decided to tell each ghost story myself but change my voice so it sounds like multiple people are telling the stories. I will also make some stories scary and some funny in order to keep the theme of the show while bringing some light to the dark.

Overall, I am excited to get to work on this project and am optimistic as to the output of our final radio show. In order to see how our show turns out, tune in to ds106radio later on in the semester.

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