Photoblitz Fun

This assignment was super fun but also kind of difficult. I found it exciting because I was literally running around my apartment taking pictures and checking things off on my laptop. I found it difficult because I had to run to the University Center for one of the pictures and then run back, which took about 7 minutes. Another difficulty I faced was I had to use my roommate’s phone to take the pictures because my phone’s camera doesn’t work. However, I completed it with 3 minutes to spare and love all of the pictures I took. You can see My Photoblitz here in a Flickr album and the following list consists of the photo ideas I had to take.

  1. Create a self-portrait, without your face, that identifies you.
  2. Make an artistic close-up of an ear-human, animal, whatever.
  3. Change perspective! Look up and take a photo of what’s going on in the sky.
  4. Take a picture of construction.
  5. Make a photo containing or suggesting fire and/or smoke.
  6. Make a photo that represents the passage of time.
  7. Make a photo that freezes or isolates the motion of an object.

The first picture was to mark the starting time, which was 3:00pm, and layout the tasks I had to do. The second picture was a selfie I took holding my soccer cleats in front of my face because soccer is my life and I have played for 15 years now. The third picture was a close-up of my roommate’s ear because I love all of the piercings she has, especially what we call her “pirate hoop”. The fourth picture was a picture of the sky from the balcony of my apartment. The fifth picture was of the continuing construction at the University Center, orange cones and all. The sixth picture was of our stove top because it suggests fire to heat the food and smoke when we occasionally burn our food. The seventh picture was of my watch because it shows the passage of time as I look at it throughout the day. The eighth picture was of my avengers ball that my roommate threw in my room. Finally, the last picture was of the time I got all of my pictures taken, which was 3:17pm, with all of the photo ideas checked off.

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