Paranormal Teammate

My name is Brittany Raze and I used to play on the club soccer team at the University of Mary Washington. I played until my tragic death over the summer. However, I am back as a ghost. Only my teammates can see me, which is why it looks weird when we take pictures together. For example:


You see, to my fellow teammates I am there in the room with them, but if anyone else looks at this picture, I am not there. I am only a smudge or glare from a light. I don’t haunt anyone, I just want to live out the rest of my college days with my team and make memories with the girls that I consider my second family, and then I will be on my way.

I enjoyed this assignment mostly because every time I look at this picture I think I look like a legitimate ghost because of how the lighting flushes me out. It also doesn’t help that my friend Chelsea is tanner than me so I look even more ghostly. Oh well, I had a good laugh with this one and stretched the paranormal element a bit which is why I added in the background story. Although I don’t find this image scary, not even a little bit, I do consider a ghost to be a figure that is either super white or super faint, so I do think this image fits the criteria pretty well.

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