Has Storytelling Changed Over Time?

I always believed that storytelling has stayed the same over time but the way that it is shared has changed dramatically, from word-of-mouth to the written word it certainly has developed. However, now-a-days we have advances in technology that allow us to communicate with people around the world, instantly. This changes the way that a story affects a body of people.

In reading Bryan Alexander’s “Web 2.0 Storytelling” I have learned that storytelling has changed over time but not in a way that I expected. Through the different platforms that the internet has to offer, people can create stories in different ways than ever before. One can write a story that takes place over a year and have one entry per day. One can write a mini-story on Twitter that is 140 characters or less. This changes the way that a person writes a story which, in turn, can change the way that a story is told.

After reading Shira Chess’ “Open-Sourcing Horror” I realized that the Slender Man came from a forum of multiple users creating a horror villain. The Slender has reached such high acclaim as being scary because we have the ability to create images online to go along with the story and it reaches so many people that it created a wide fan-base over the course of a day. The main difference in storytelling now is that there is the possibility of having a “digital” component to accompany the story itself. In the past there was only the use of words or words accompanied by images but now we can use sound clips, videos, moving pictures (GIFs), etc. to help us tell a story or to solely tell a story. Another advantage to “digital” storytelling is the potential to have immediate feedback and a global reach. You can post your story and seconds later have a person from half-way across the world responding to it. The limits are endless for means of storytelling and communication about the story itself now that we are in the digital age.

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