Final Project Week 1 Progress

For our final project we are going to create a story where Ashley’s host character, Bridget Lloyd, was wrongfully imprisoned in Fogg’s Asylum. The entire story takes place in the asylum and my host character, Eve Winters, is working there. There is a killer on the loose in the asylum and no one knows who it is. It is suspected that Bloody Face is behind the murders but no one knows where he is nor how he would get into the asylum. Gabby’s character, The Death Whisperer, visits the asylum many times to send the dead people’s spirits onto the after-life. It’s going to be a murder-mystery told mostly through diary entries written and read by Bridget and a timeline form created by Gabby. I will covering the visual assignments while Gabby creates the audio elements in our story. The four elements in our story will be audio, video, visual, and writing. I’m excited to continue to work on our story and can’t wait to see what other people create.

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  1. Sounds like a very in depth and well thought out story. Are you going to set up the story with an explanation like this, or just jump right into it and let the audience put it together?

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