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I found this assignment to be fun and interesting. The main obstacle I faced with this assignment was the weather. I had a lot of good ideas for design elements on campus but because it was cold and rainy I really didn’t feel like taking the time to take pictures outside. I did manage to get some pictures outside when it wasn’t completely gross but the rest were when I was limited to my apartment. Here is my DesignBlitz:


For the color concept I took a picture of the sunset at our recreational field during practice. The colors in the sky were so vibrant and brought out the bright green turf that we play on.


For the typography concept I took a picture of the canvas hanging by our kitchen table that says “home sweet home”. I liked the use of different fonts painted onto this one canvas. The cursive font for the word “sweet” contrasts the block font for the words “home” while conveying sweetness.


For the metaphor/symbol concept I took a picture of my clock. I used this picture because my clock symbolizes the time of day. However, my clock is special. I set it so that it is five minutes fast (so that I am never late), therefore it could also symbolize the future (or at least five minutes into the future).


For the minimalism concept I took a picture of the recreational field that myself and my teammates play soccer on because all you need is a field and some goals. Also there is a lot of space that is not filled with anything so it can be used for many activities.


For the form/function/message concept I used a picture of the coffee cart in our kitchen. It’s main function is to make coffee so my roommates and I can wake up in the morning. However, because the canvas hanging above it says “dear coffee, I love you, that is all” it sends the message that we are addicted to coffee.


For the balance concept I took a picture of the fountain in front of Monroe. The juxtaposition between the water and the brick creates balance along with the symmetry of the two structures.


For the rhythm concept I took a picture of our shower curtain because the pattern on it creates rhythm. I also used this object for rhythm because my roommates and I sing in the shower so it “hears” our singing and captures the rhythm.


For the proportion concept I took a picture of my purses. I have a bigger purse for summer and spring and a smaller cross-body bag for fall and winter. Therefore, because they are similar styles but different sizes, they represent proportions well.


For the dominance concept I took a picture of the trees outside of our apartment. These trees are planted on a hill next to our apartment and are so tall that they dominate the view from our patio.

One thought on “DesignBlitz Fun”

  1. The sky in the first picture is awesome. There is also a lot of color contrast – blue, red, green and white lights. The lines on the field give it some geometric design too.

    Of course, there is never enough coffee!

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