Ok, I literally just paused the movie after the title sequence because it was so cool. The way the word “ALIEN” is being spelled out slowly was just mind boggling. I guessed that it said “ALIEN” after the first three lines but it kept me interested, mostly so I could figure out if I was right. The last time I saw this movie was probably when I was in middle school so I remember the basis of the story and what happens but I don’t remember any of the design decisions. Now I will press play and continue watching the movie.

Alien Poster

Well that was a lot creepier than I remember it being. I couldn’t help but notice the entire movie was so dark that I couldn’t see much. The only time it wasn’t dark was in the beginning of the movie when the crew wakes up. everything is lite well but once they get their orders to go to the planet it slowly gets darker and darker. Of course this darkness would help conceal the alien and make the movie more of a thriller. My dad actually read on article to me in middle school about the movie that said the man who designed the alien, designed him backward. He designed the full grown alien first and then thought about how the alien would look younger and then as a baby. I thought that was interesting because the designer of the alien had more control over the design of the alien by starting with the final product. Overall, this movie was designed very well, especially since it was before movies were designed completely using graphic designers on computers.

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