3rd Millennium Countdown Review

Not gonna lie, it was weird listening to my group’s show but not as weird listening to a classmate’s show as I thought it was going to be. I enjoyed listening to the 3rd Millennium Countdown because it was something different than just telling scary stories. I didn’t think I was going to enjoy it very much because I prefer listening to stories that keep me intrigued. However, I found it very fascinating to hear about horror movies that I haven’t seen before. In case you missed it Thursday evening, you can find it here:

The only two movies that were discussed that I have seen were The Purge and The Amityville Horror. I agreed with the thoughts on these movies and loved that they included the overall money that each movie made. I also liked that each person used sound clips from the movies either in the background or as a break between reviews. I enjoyed the placement of the commercials and bumpers as well because they broke up the talking. Overall, this was a very well put together show and I liked the different direction they took with the reviews instead of telling horror stories.

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