Weekly Summary 9/4/2015

My favorite part about “class” this week was summed up perfectly by Gabby’s tweet:

That being said, I thoroughly enjoyed every assignment I did this week.

For the daily creates I decided to do the Rambo coloring page, the British slang, and the toast ones. For the Rambo coloring page I began coloring in the trees and leaves and decided to draw Bloody Face’s mask on Rambo’s face. Then I did the British slang daily create, in which I took a scene from Star Trek Into Darkness and wrote the script for it while including 9 of the 30 British slang words we were to educate ourselves with. For the last daily create I took a picture of my breakfast, toast, and drew Ariel’s hair and bow on it to make it fish on toast. I enjoyed the daily creates because each task I had to combine doing something I love with something that I had never done before.

For the assignment bank posts I chose to do two 3 stars and one 2 star assignments. For one of the 3 stars I did the color changer visual assignment, in which I took a picture and had to change the colors in someway to make it look different. I chose to use a picture I took of the Indian Memorial at the Little Bighorn National Park and changing it to black and white to make it look like it is in the winter. Then I did the 2 star design assignment, for which I went to NikeID.com and designed a pair of Women’s Nike Free 5.0 running shoes. For the last 3 star assignment, I made a Pinterest board with pictures of my dream vacation. On my board were 51 pictures of every capital building for each state, including the national capital building. I loved working on these assignments because they allowed me to see how doing different assignments can teach you different ways of telling stories.

After reading the “Web 2.0 Storytelling” and “Open-Sourcing Horror” articles I realized how much storytelling has changed over time and love that we have endless possibilities open to us as internet users. I also appreciated watching the Twilight Zone’s “Living Doll”, Night Gallery’s “The Doll”, and Trilogy of Terror’s “Amelia”. These older horror films showcase the building blocks of horror and display how far horror has come since these films were made.

Since I had already customized my blog, after getting caught up in it after creating my blog, I only had to activate the suggested plugins. After having the plugins activated for two days it has already automatically blocked 17 spam comments. It makes controlling the comments that people write on my page easier and hassle-free. I can’t wait to start the assignments for next week.

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Weekly Summary 8/28/2015

Before I start this week’s summary I wanted to play the song that was on replay in the mental institution Briarcliff in American Horror Story Asylum, in which Bloody Face was a psychiatrist.

Now that you have gotten a feel of the atmosphere in Briarcliff I can move onto my thoughts on this first week of “class”:

I LOVE THIS CLASS!!!! I love the horror theme. I love using different types of media to portray an idea or story. I love the connection between myself and other students and professors. This class is going to be fun. I already had a UMW domain so I kind of knew the ins and outs of using it but having to create a subdomain threw me for a loop. However, I jumped in and ended up landing on my feet, luckily. I learned what a subdomain is and how it works and it was actually a bit harder than I thought it would have been. Whereas, the process of embedding media into a post was much easier than I thought it would be. Even though I have had a UMW domain for a year now, I had only blogged with text and links to code but never included actual pictures, videos, sound clips, or even tweets before. I have ended up liking Twitter a lot more than I did when I had a personal account and, even though it was a little aggravating at the beginning, Soundcloud has grown on me. I am super excited to see what our class comes up with and can’t wait to be scared and creeped out.

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