What’s In My Bag?

For this visual assignment I had to take a picture of the contents of my bag and then describe each item. Here is the picture of my amazing bag and the things I stuff in there:

Purse and Contents

So I keep my wallet in my bag because it has my ID and means of payment in it. I keep my keys in my bag just in-case I need to drive somewhere. I keep my sunglasses in my bag so I always have them if I need them. I keep eye drops in my bag because I wear contacts and they sometimes get dry so I can rehydrate them throughout the day if I need to. I keep a hair clip in my bag if I ever get tired of my hair being down or if I don’t want it in my face all day, or if it is really windy out I can put it back. I keep chapstick in my bag in case my lips feel dry and whatever lip color I am wearing that day so I can re-apply it throughout the day. Finally, I keep gum in my bag if I go out to eat so I can freshen my breath or in-case I get bored and need something to occupy myself. I also recently added the flower headband to the handle because I needed a headband with flowers on it and only wore it once so I decided to wrap it around the handle to add some decoration to my bag. What do you carry in your bag?