Who Am I?

For this design assignment I had to display who I am using the letters in my name. I treated every letter of my name as the first letter of a word that describes me and then made a collage of pictures to demonstrate those attributes. I came up with the following image:

Who Am I

As you can see my name is Brittany, therefore I used the words Beautiful, Realistic, Intelligent, Tiny, Taste-tester, Athletic, Nerdy, and Yawn to describe myself. I thought of the word beautiful because my grandmother used to always call me beautiful Brittany. I included my favorite picture of me and my grandma to represent the word beautiful. I thought of the word realistic because my expectations for myself and others are always realistic. I included the picture that says “keep calm set realistic goals” because I have had this picture up on the photo wall in my room for years. I thought of the word intelligent because everyone thinks I am smart because I major in computer science and minor in applied mathematics and data science. I included the picture “I love computer science” because I do love computer science and because that is why everyone thinks I am intelligent. I thought of the word tiny because I am very short. I included the picture “I’m not short I’m fun size” because that was my and my friend’s motto in high school. I thought of the word taste-tester because I love food. I included the picture of the girl with a lot of food because I eat a lot of food, all the time. I thought of the word athletic because I have played soccer for 15 years now and ran track for 5 of those years. I included the picture of the Women’s Club Soccer Team here at UMW at nationals because I love my teammates and am proud of our showing at nationals. I thought of the word nerdy because I am a computer science major. I included the picture of the breadboard that my lab partner, one of my closest friends, and I built last semester. I thought of the word yawn because I love sleep. I included the picture of the girl yawning and stretching because it displays sleep, which I love. Overall, I loved this assignment because it made me think and let me reflect on things that I haven’t thought of in a while and even though it took me forever to get all of the images together and into one image I enjoyed the work.

Seeing Stars

For this design assignment I had to create a maze. I wanted to try to do it on the computer so I went to word and started looking through the different shapes you can insert into the document. I decided that the coolest shape, in my opinion, was the star. So I inserted a lot of stars, each one smaller than the next, and stacked them inside of each other. I then decided that the center was going to be the end of the maze and put a circle in the middle. I then printed the outline of the maze and traced over it with pencil. I did this so I could add dead ends and gaps in the stars. I created the paths and then outlined it with red, blue, and black to be patriotic. The result is the fun little contraption below:

Star Maze

Unlike most of the other assignments I have done for this class, I just kind of went with it and followed my gut on what to do. I had a lot of fun with this assignment and good luck finishing the maze before you get dizzy and see stars.

Concept Change

For this design assignment I had to take or find a picture and change the setting or what is happening. I decided to use the following image:

Soccer Girls

This picture was taken my senior year of high school when my friends and I were captains of the girls varsity soccer team. One of the girls from the school newspaper wanted a picture of the captains for the article she was writing about the soccer team. This was one of our goofy pictures that didn’t make it into the paper. I decided the change it into the following image:

Concept Change

I thought it would be funny to make it look like we were standing in front of an explosion. I got the idea when I was watching Iron Man 2 and Ivan, the bad guy, walks away from an explosion and thought that I could do that this picture. I enjoyed this assignment but underestimated how long it would take for me to cut the original background out. I love how it turned out and sent it to my friends who are in the picture and they died of laughter.

Guess the Movie

For this design assignment I had to represent a movie using four icons. I cannot tell you the name of the movie, but by looking at the icons you should be able to figure it out.

Four Icon Story

I had a lot of fun with this assignment, mostly because it gave me an excuse to watch one of my favorite movies. If you are having trouble figuring out what movie it is, I will explain why I chose each icon and hopefully you will get it. I chose to use the glasses because they represent the main setting of the movie. I chose the mask because it is a common symbol of the movie. I chose the two people because they are the main characters of the movie and the scene that is represented is the climax of the movie. I also chose the rose because it is another common symbol of the movie. If you still haven’t guessed the movie yet then I will tell you what it is and recommend you watch it because it is a marvelous movie. The movie I chose to represent is The Phantom of the Opera.

My New Nikes

For this design assignment from the assignment bank I had to customize a pair of shoes. I chose to design a pair of Nike running shoes on NikeID.com. I have actually ordered a pair of customized Nikes before from NikeID.com and love the process of making the shoes my own. I started out with a black pair of Nike Free 5.0 women’s running shoes (pictured below). I played around with the colors and patterns and ended up making the following pair (also pictured below):

NikeID Final

I am really happy with how they turned out and would order them if I weren’t a broke college kid. However, maybe I’ll ask my parents for them for my birthday.

The assignment bank’s customized shoes design assignment.