Fish on Toast

The daily create for September 3rd was to take a picture of toast and edit something into it. I was eating my toast this morning and watching TV when The Little Mermaid came on. Ariel is my favorite Disney princess so I immediately thought of making the piece of toast, now digesting in my belly, into my beloved Disney companion. After uploading the picture of the piece of toast I had already enjoyed I opened it in paint and started whiting out the background to start off with a clean slate. I drew the outline of Ariel’s marvelous bangs and the rest of her flowing locks and colored them in bright red. I then added the bow she wore in the “Kiss the Girl” scene from the movie and it was beginning to real look like her. I began on her mouth, which turned out alright, and then continued on to her nose. However, paint was done cooperating with me at that point and I just couldn’t get her nose nor her eyes to look right. So I decided to go back to the version that had just the hair and bow painted on and loved it. I don’t normally like fish on my toast but, in this case, I will make an exception. Here is how it turned out:

Ariel toast

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