Advice for Future DS106ers

First things first, if you thought taking this course would be an easy online A…have I got news for you. This class is a lot of work. That being said, it is a lot of fun work. If you throw yourself into the class you will get through it and could actually learn to enjoy it and miss it once you are done. The one thing I wish someone would have told me about this class is how much fun it is. I had heard all of the stories about how hard it is and how much work it is but I found it to be quite enjoyable.  I wish I could take this class again but now it is your turn to make the most out of this class. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have, if not more.

Final Project

It’s done!!!! The final project for this crazy class. This project was crazy and hectic but I think it turned out better than I imagined it would. I ended up working on this project with my friends Ashley and Gabby. We wanted to combine our host characters and make a crazy story that took place in an insane asylum. To keep up with the theme of the class we added in murders. It turned into a murder that is creepy and thrilling. So without further ado, here is our final project:

I really enjoyed working with the four different genres of storytelling we used to create this project: audio, video, visual, and writing. I also loved working with Ashley and Gabby on this project because we each had a specific part in brainstorming and creating this project. I hope you enjoyed watching our Asylum Murder Mystery as much as we did making it.

Weekly Showcase #2

Hey guys! This is your host, Eve Winters, and this week I wanted to focus on all of the hard work we have all put into this class. As we all focus our efforts on finishing our final projects, which all sound amazing and exciting, I wanted to look back on the top five works of the semester.

Number five on our countdown is a design assignment to make your own cereal box cover. I like the thought put into this design and love how detailed it is. You can see the post here.

Mario Cereal Box

Number four on our countdown is a video assignment to make a mini documentary about someone. I like how the person of interest in the video is the host character Spooksy and how creepy the voice is. The voice lends itself to the video and makes it so much better. You can see the post here.

Number three on our countdown is a video assignment to make a montage of things you love. I love that the video was based on the host character, Bridget, who had been locked up for years in an insane asylum but is now free. The focus of the video is everything that is colorful and represents freedom which contrasts Bridget being locked up for years. You can see the post here.

Number two on our countdown is a video assignment to put together two movie scenes. I loved this assignment because it was funny while also being serious. It was different from the horror theme of the class and was a very creative mashup of movie scenes. You can see the post here.

Our number one assignment of the semester is a mashup assignment to combine your favorite three works from the semester into one. Gabby did a marvelous job on this assignment and I love that she chose three assignments about her host character, the Death Whisperer. She combined them well and I enjoyed reading her explanation of her assignment. You can see the post here.

That rounds out our countdown of the five best works of the semester. I hope you all enjoyed looking back on the semester with me and I can’t wait to see everyone’s final project.

Final Project Week 1 Progress

For our final project we are going to create a story where Ashley’s host character, Bridget Lloyd, was wrongfully imprisoned in Fogg’s Asylum. The entire story takes place in the asylum and my host character, Eve Winters, is working there. There is a killer on the loose in the asylum and no one knows who it is. It is suspected that Bloody Face is behind the murders but no one knows where he is nor how he would get into the asylum. Gabby’s character, The Death Whisperer, visits the asylum many times to send the dead people’s spirits onto the after-life. It’s going to be a murder-mystery told mostly through diary entries written and read by Bridget and a timeline form created by Gabby. I will covering the visual assignments while Gabby creates the audio elements in our story. The four elements in our story will be audio, video, visual, and writing. I’m excited to continue to work on our story and can’t wait to see what other people create.

Video Essay on The Ring

For my video essay I decided to analyze my favorite scene from The Ring. In this scene Noah gets attacked by Samara, the ghost from the video, and dies. I always loved this scene simply because Samara comes out of the television which is awesome. You can watch the scene below:

Now that you have watched the scene, I hope you analyzed it yourself so you can point out anything I missed in the comments. Below is my analysis of the scene:

I feel like I picked up on a lot of the subtle clues in the scene but I’m sure I missed some so let me know if you guys found anything that I didn’t in the comments. I enjoyed making this video but the fan noises from my computer, see below, made this assignment more difficult than it should have been.

*NOTICE* I’m sorry for the fan noises being so loud in my video, especially at the end, but my CPU fan is slowly dying and I need to get it replaced. That is why I decided to not layer my voice over the clip because the fan noises were so loud they just took over the scene.

3rd Millennium Countdown Review

Not gonna lie, it was weird listening to my group’s show but not as weird listening to a classmate’s show as I thought it was going to be. I enjoyed listening to the 3rd Millennium Countdown because it was something different than just telling scary stories. I didn’t think I was going to enjoy it very much because I prefer listening to stories that keep me intrigued. However, I found it very fascinating to hear about horror movies that I haven’t seen before. In case you missed it Thursday evening, you can find it here:

The only two movies that were discussed that I have seen were The Purge and The Amityville Horror. I agreed with the thoughts on these movies and loved that they included the overall money that each movie made. I also liked that each person used sound clips from the movies either in the background or as a break between reviews. I enjoyed the placement of the commercials and bumpers as well because they broke up the talking. Overall, this was a very well put together show and I liked the different direction they took with the reviews instead of telling horror stories.

Weekly Showcase #1

Hey guys! This is your host, Eve Winters, and this week I wanted to focus on reveling in the past. There is so much history in this great country and I find it fascinating to look back on.

American Timeline

This is why I will be highlighting the best works from the daily create that we had on Friday, October 16th, 2015. Our timeline starts in the 1860s with the Civil War. This time period was submitted by Miles Davis.

I liked that Miles tied in our school to the era as well. It really brings out the significance of the time period and how it affects us today. Our next time period on our timeline is from the 1870s to the 1900s with the Gilded Age. This time period was submitted by Glen Cochrane.

The picture that Glen chose was beautiful and captured the essence of the Gilded Age, the introduction of new things that brought large groups of people together. The next time period in our timeline is the 1940s with World War II. This time period was submitted by Jerome Mueller.

Jerome’s background story is unbelievably realistic and truly brings you into the time period. The picture he includes is hilarious but, along with the background story, shows how much work was put into this hoax. Our next time period is from the 1940s to the 1950s with the prime time of Rock and Roll. This time period was submitted by We’reAllInsaneHere.

I loved this submission because Elvis is a true symbol of Rock and Roll and this time period (excuse the pun) ROCKED!!!! I’m not kidding though, this time period put America above all other countries in the world. Our final time period is the 1990s. This time period was submitted by Caleb Snow.

This submission was super cool since I was born in the 1990s and don’t remember much of the fashion from back then. But if you think about it, without this crazy fashion time we wouldn’t have the awesome fashion trends that we have now. This rounds out my timeline for this week. I hope you all enjoyed going back in time with me and keep up the good work everybody.

Radio Show…Check!

Luckily the radio show portion of this week was more simple than last week. It was more work, but since we had everything already figured out and outlined in our Google doc it was easier to get things done. We met once on Thursday to finalize our ideas and help each other get the scripts for our portions written. We also decided that since I have no classes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday that I would combine everyone’s audio clips into the final radio show that we made. Overall, this project was really fun but very stressful. I liked that we had to make the bumpers for our shows earlier in the semester because that took off a lot of the stress. I ended up making my commercial before my main section of the show as well to get the little things out of the way so I could focus on my main section of our show. I enjoyed putting everyone’s audio clips together because I like being organized and since I am a perfectionist I could pay attention to the details. I hope you guys enjoy our final product.

Radio Show Beginnings

I was very wary of this assignment because I didn’t know where to begin. Luckily two of my friends are in this class with me so we decided to work together on it. We formed our group right away and had our group name, The Spooky Sisters, and radio show name, The Creepy Chronicles, thought up by Sunday. We chose to split our show into three main 5 minute sections leaving us with 5 minutes for the introduction to our show, the 3 commercials we have, our 3 bumpers, and the conclusion to our show.

For my 5 minute section I have chosen to create a campfire atmosphere. I will use the sound of a campfire crackling in the background to add to this atmosphere. However, the main part of my section will be the telling of campfire ghost stories. After doing the 911 call assignment, where I had to change my voice to make it sound like two different people were talking, I have decided to tell each ghost story myself but change my voice so it sounds like multiple people are telling the stories. I will also make some stories scary and some funny in order to keep the theme of the show while bringing some light to the dark.

Overall, I am excited to get to work on this project and am optimistic as to the output of our final radio show. In order to see how our show turns out, tune in to ds106radio later on in the semester.

Radio Show Logo

For this assignment I had to create some type of promotion for the radio show we are working on. The name of our radio show is “The Creepy Chronicles”. I decided to make a logo for our radio show because I wanted to use it as the cover picture when we upload our radio show to SoundCloud. Without further ado, one of the Spooky Sisters brings you, “The Creepy Chronicles” logo:

Radio Show Logo

I decided to keep it plain and simple because our radio show has a lot going on so the audience should have something plain to look at. I chose the font because it was not overtly creepy but creepy enough to get the point across. I originally thought of adding more but decided not to since it is a logo so it is supposed to be simple while still catching attention. I also thought about making the grey darker but decided to lighten the mood of our show a bit by keeping it lighter. I hope you guys enjoy our radio show.