Window Wanderer

For this visual assignment I had to show what would be scary to see outside a window. I decided to use my friend’s host character, the Death Whisperer, because she is extremely scary.

Window Assignment

I took the picture of the Death Whisperer from my friend’s blog and cut out the background from the picture. I then found a cool looking window and put the Death Whisperer in the window. This required a lot of changing of the size of the Death Whisperer because she was rather small to begin with. I enjoyed this assignment because I got to stray from Bloody Face for awhile, since I have been using him a lot.

Abstract Face

For this visual assignment I had to create something out of 4 lines, 5 dots, and 1 curve. I decided to make this assignment about my host character’s older brother, Johnny, who becomes Bloody Face after following his father’s footsteps.

Bloody Face Mask

I used 1 dot as the face, 2 dots as the eye holes in the mask, and 2 dots as Johnny’s eyes behind the mask. I used the 4 lines as pieces of hair coming out of the mask. I used the 1 curve as the smile that is cut out of the mask. I decided to also make my friend’s host character. Bridget is a girl who was locked in Mr. Fogg’s mental asylum in Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.


I used the 4 lines as the bars that kept her locked in the asylum. I used one dot as Bridget’s head, 1 dot as her body, 2 dots as her legs, and 1 as one of her arms. The curve is her bent arm as she tries to figure out how to escape. Overall, this assignment was very fun while also being challenging to figure out how to portray two characters in 4 lines, 5 dots, and 1 curve.

Love at First Shot

For this assignment I had to find or take a picture of a couple who are in love and write them a background story. I chose to use an old picture of my grandparents:

Love at First Shot

My grandfather was in the army and my grandmother was a nurse for the army. They met through mutual friends and were married for 51 years. I didn’t know my grandfather for long but was always told that the one thing that made him truly happy was his family. Even after his death, my grandmother would talk about him and think about him all the time. She would always celebrate their anniversary even though he was gone and never took off her wedding and engagement rings. For they never truly left each other’s side and I am proud to have spent as much time with them as I did.

Easter 2004

For this visual assignment I had to find a picture of myself from the past and recreate the photo while holding the old picture. I looked through all of my old photos and found this one of me from Easter in 2004 holding up Easter eggs that I found. I thought the pose was interesting and decided to use the picture. I ended up with the following image:

Recreate the Past

I ended up loving it so much that I sent the picture to my mom and she loves it too. She said she was going to print it out and frame it in our house. Who knows if she actually will or not but I enjoyed looking through my pictures of myself as a child and will probably do this again with my younger brother for my parent’s birthdays and anniversaries and any other holidays that come along.

Smooth Like Silk

For this visual assignment I had to create an abstract piece of art using I went to the website and it gives you a plain black screen to start drawing on. I began by drawing a small pink heart in the middle of the screen but it turned into something completely different. I then selected the purple color and did another heart around the first one to see what would happen to it. It turned out completely different from the first one and from what I expected. I then selected the blue color and drew an even bigger heart around the first two which turned out looking like more of a circle than a heart. Overall, I am very happy with what I turned out with and am going to doodle on this webpage more in the future because it is fun and stress-releasing.

Weave Silk

Visual Poetry

For this visual assignment I had to use my favorite poem and put it on top of an image that describes the poem. I decided to use The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost and found an image that I thought described the poem. I changed the saturation, temperature, and contrast of the image to make it look more yellow and put the words on top of it.

Visual Poem

I enjoyed this assignment but had some trouble getting the final image to be big enough to read the text. It’s probably small because I used Microsoft Word to put the words on top of the picture and then screenshotted it because I couldn’t save it as a picture and, therefore, had to screenshot it to be able to save it as a jpeg file. In order to screenshot it I had to make the page small enough to see everything. Even though I’m not as happy with the output as I thought I was gonna be, I still enjoyed reading my favorite poem again and making it visual.

What’s In My Bag?

For this visual assignment I had to take a picture of the contents of my bag and then describe each item. Here is the picture of my amazing bag and the things I stuff in there:

Purse and Contents

So I keep my wallet in my bag because it has my ID and means of payment in it. I keep my keys in my bag just in-case I need to drive somewhere. I keep my sunglasses in my bag so I always have them if I need them. I keep eye drops in my bag because I wear contacts and they sometimes get dry so I can rehydrate them throughout the day if I need to. I keep a hair clip in my bag if I ever get tired of my hair being down or if I don’t want it in my face all day, or if it is really windy out I can put it back. I keep chapstick in my bag in case my lips feel dry and whatever lip color I am wearing that day so I can re-apply it throughout the day. Finally, I keep gum in my bag if I go out to eat so I can freshen my breath or in-case I get bored and need something to occupy myself. I also recently added the flower headband to the handle because I needed a headband with flowers on it and only wore it once so I decided to wrap it around the handle to add some decoration to my bag. What do you carry in your bag?

Winter at the Battle of Little Bighorn

For this visual assignment from the assignment bank I had to select or take a picture and change the colors, saturation, etc. to make it different in some way. I decided to use the picture I took at the Battle of Little Bighorn National Park of the Indian Memorial.

Here is the original image:

Battle of Little Bighorn - Indian Memorial

Here is my new image:

Battle of Little Bighorn - Indian Memorial (2)

I wanted to make it seem like it was winter at the memorial and like they were riding into a snowy battle. I changed the filter to black-and-white and added the vignette around it to look a little snowy. I love the way it turned out because I feel like I accomplished my goal of making it look like the picture was taken in the winter.

The assignment bank’s color changer visual assignment.