Eve’s Digital Diary

For this video assignment I had to create diary entries as if I were my host character. I decided to create a mystery that Eve had to solve to make it fun.

This assignment was really fun because I actually did one entry a night so it was almost like I had made a digital diary. I decided to create drama with her brother and added in his serial killer tendencies. Unfortunately the sound isn’t very loud and I don’t know why but I actually made it louder than it was so I tried to fix it.

A Day in the Life of Eve Winters

For this video assignment I had to take videos and pictures of moments throughout my day and combine them into a video. I decided to take up the role of my host character Eve Winters for this assignment and documented her day through snapchat.

I enjoyed documenting random moments of my day and combining them all using Windows Movie Maker. Since my host character doesn’t have many friends she pretty much just goes to work and chills in her apartment. I loved that I got to mix up videos and pictures and make a movie out of them because I have never done that before.

The Real Dr. Oliver Thredson

For this video assignment I had to a mini documentary on someone. I decided to focus on Dr. Oliver Thredson from American Horror Story because he is such a dynamic character. I decided to focus the beginning of the video on the kind man who is portrayed through most of the season. However, the end of the video focuses on the mad man who calls himself Bloody Face.

I really enjoyed doing this assignment and am glad that my 8 hours of work on it turned out amazing. I only used audio and video clips from the show and organized them how I wanted them. I realized halfway through this assignment that it would have been easier to just talk about the character but I knew I could manipulate the audio clips I chose to send the message and decided to keep going. I ended up using both Windows Movie Maker and Audacity for this assignment and really like how it turned out.

Mia Hamm Goal Instant Replay

For this video assignment I had to find a video clip that I like and create an instant replay of the video clip. I decided to use my favorite soccer clip of Mia Hamm’s 108th international goal in 1999. I love this goal because it broke the record for most international goals scored by a single player. Mia Hamm ended her amazing career with 158 international goals and inspired many girls, including myself, to play soccer.

I enjoyed making this video because I have watched this clip many times and never liked the way they had done the instant replay so I got to make it my own. Overall, I enjoyed making this video and learning how to use Windows Movie Maker.

Sign Language

For this video assignment I had to spell out a word or phrase in American Sign Language so the viewers can guess it. I decided to relate it to our class by spelling out the name of a character from American Horror Story: Asylum since that is what my blog is based off of. Good luck guessing the character’s name.

I will give you guys one hint as to who the character is: he is a doctor who works at the Briarcliff Insane Asylum. This video was fun to make because I got to brush up on my sign language alphabet while also learning how to sign “hello, my name is…”, “goodbye”, and “doctor”. If you haven’t guessed the character’s name yet you are out of time, it’s Doctor Oliver Thredson. He was the man who was Bloody Face but he let Kit Walker take the fall for his serial killings.

DIY Home Decorating

For this video assignment I had to make a commercial for a DIY project that I have done. I decided to work with Ashley Jackson on this assignment because we both did the same DIY project in our apartments and it seemed easier to have her introduce the idea so I can explain the idea.

We decided that a better way to sell the product was to introduce it through a talk show style video instead of a commercial since the viewers can do it at home. I loved that I got to stick to my host character and make it fun by mentioning death. As you can see we have a lot of other bottles to decorate that we haven’t gotten to yet but hopefully we inspired you to decorate your place with these simple yet sophisticated little decorations.

Change in Tradition

For this video assignment I had to make a video of something that I love. The thing I love most about my family is how we always follow traditions while also changing things up sometimes. The perfect example of this was Easter 2015 when we decided that my brother and I would hide the Easter eggs outside and my parents would hunt them. We had a blast and my parents got to reminisce in the past while my brother and I got a break from looking for all of those eggs.

I chose my favorite 8 pictures from the day and put them in chronological order of when they were taken, so you can follow along in the hunt for all of the eggs. I also decided I wanted to make a title slide to introduce the video so I imported an Easter egg border into Gimp and typed out the title of the video in a light green color because it was spring time. I then uploaded it to YouTube and found the background to add to it. I chose this song because it is upbeat and happy like that day was but also edgy which showed that we were changing tradition. Overall, I enjoyed this assignment and thought it turned out pretty well.