Smooth Like Silk

For this visual assignment I had to create an abstract piece of art using I went to the website and it gives you a plain black screen to start drawing on. I began by drawing a small pink heart in the middle of the screen but it turned into something completely different. I then selected the purple color and did another heart around the first one to see what would happen to it. It turned out completely different from the first one and from what I expected. I then selected the blue color and drew an even bigger heart around the first two which turned out looking like more of a circle than a heart. Overall, I am very happy with what I turned out with and am going to doodle on this webpage more in the future because it is fun and stress-releasing.

Weave Silk

Visual Poetry

For this visual assignment I had to use my favorite poem and put it on top of an image that describes the poem. I decided to use The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost and found an image that I thought described the poem. I changed the saturation, temperature, and contrast of the image to make it look more yellow and put the words on top of it.

Visual Poem

I enjoyed this assignment but had some trouble getting the final image to be big enough to read the text. It’s probably small because I used Microsoft Word to put the words on top of the picture and then screenshotted it because I couldn’t save it as a picture and, therefore, had to screenshot it to be able to save it as a jpeg file. In order to screenshot it I had to make the page small enough to see everything. Even though I’m not as happy with the output as I thought I was gonna be, I still enjoyed reading my favorite poem again and making it visual.

What’s In My Bag?

For this visual assignment I had to take a picture of the contents of my bag and then describe each item. Here is the picture of my amazing bag and the things I stuff in there:

Purse and Contents

So I keep my wallet in my bag because it has my ID and means of payment in it. I keep my keys in my bag just in-case I need to drive somewhere. I keep my sunglasses in my bag so I always have them if I need them. I keep eye drops in my bag because I wear contacts and they sometimes get dry so I can rehydrate them throughout the day if I need to. I keep a hair clip in my bag if I ever get tired of my hair being down or if I don’t want it in my face all day, or if it is really windy out I can put it back. I keep chapstick in my bag in case my lips feel dry and whatever lip color I am wearing that day so I can re-apply it throughout the day. Finally, I keep gum in my bag if I go out to eat so I can freshen my breath or in-case I get bored and need something to occupy myself. I also recently added the flower headband to the handle because I needed a headband with flowers on it and only wore it once so I decided to wrap it around the handle to add some decoration to my bag. What do you carry in your bag?

The Noble War

For this writing assignment from the assignment bank I had to find a picture and write a short story about it. I chose a picture of Tate, from American Horror Story season 1, when he was walking down the hallway of his high school preparing to shoot up the school.


He is preparing to fight his noble war.
On the outside, he is calm. On the inside, no one knows.
Only he knows the secret. Only he knows what is coming.
And no one can stop him, including himself.
He kills people. Even people he knows. Even people he likes.
Some of them beg for their life.
He doesn’t look sad. He looks like he doesn’t feel anything.
He thinks he is rescuing them from our filthy world.
Taking them somewhere clean and kind.
“Do you think I’m crazy?” He says.
Followed with gunshots and screams.
His noble war has begun.
Will anyone survive? No one knows.

Can I Get A Rocketship To Mars?

For this writing assignment from the assignment bank I had to write about a place I would want to live at and what I would do if I lived there. I would absolutely love to live at the Pigfarts Intergalactic School of Martian Witchcraft and Wizardry. Pigfarts is the parody school based off of the Harry Potter series’ Hogwarts from A Very Potter Musical. Malfoy talks about it a lot and how he longs to go there but can’t because it’s on Mars, and he doesn’t have a rocketship to take him there. The headmaster’s name is Rumbleroar, instead of Dumbledore. He is a lion…who can talk. (I also heard that if you are a good student, Rumbleroar will let you ride on his back). I would study magic and become a Martian Auror (dark Martian wizard catcher) if I attended Pigfarts. I would work as hard as I could in my classes, while devoting some time to Martian Quidditch (almost like soccer but while flying on a broom) and be best friends with Rumbleroar, to try to earn a ride on his back.


The only problem with this marvelous plan? I need to find me a rocketship…

Buy Me A Bucket

For this writing assignment from the assignment bank I had to write a bucket list that could have been legit or illegitimate. I actually started a bucket list in high school with stupid stuff on it, most of which I have already completed, and just add onto and check off of it as I go towards kicking the bucket. So without further ado, I give you my bucket list:

  • Count how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop
    • This one I thought of in high school and just haven’t had the opportunity to do yet
  • Go on a Disney Cruise
    • This one I added to my list when I went to Disney World with my birthday twins from high school for our 18 birthdays
  • Run a marathon
    • I have always wanted to do this one because my elderly neighbor used to tell me all about her marathons and how much fun she would have while running them
  • Buy an Audi R8
    • I added this one in high school when I was SUPER into Top Gear and realized that my favorite car ever is an Audi R8…by the way it would have to be a blue one
  • Go on a trip around the US, visiting every state’s capital building
    • This one I adopted from my cousin and his wife because they went to half of the states and wished they had actually gone to all 50 states
  • Climb to the top of The Devil’s Tower
    • I added this one when my family and I went on vacation two summers ago and we went to The Devil’s Tower but couldn’t climb all the way up it because you need ropes and rock climbing experience
  • Hike under all of the Natural Bridges at Natural Bridges National Monument
    • I added this one this summer when my family and I went to Natural Bridges National Monument and hiked under the first two bridges but skipped the last bridge because it was too far away
  • Hike to the top of The Great Sand Dunes at Great Sand Dunes National Park
    • I added this one this summer after my family and I went to The Great Sand Dunes National Park and only made it half way up them.
  • Hike to the top of The Narrows at Zion National Park
    • I also added this one this summer when my family and I went to Zion National Park but only hiked up about half of The Narrows
  • Hike to the top of Angel’s Landing at Zion National Park
    • I also added this one this summer when my family and I went to Zion National Park but decided to not hike up Angel’s Landing because we didn’t have enough time to, my dad is afraid of heights, and my mom heard that people have fallen off of the trail and died so she got scared out of it but I, obviously, still want to do it

Bucket List Final

I would add winning the lottery to my bucket list but after reading “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson I don’t want to win the lottery…ever.

Around the United States in 80 Days???

For this web assignment from the assignment bank I had to create a Pinterest board displaying my dream vacation. For my dream vacation I will be driving, and flying, to all 50 states and visiting the capital building in each state. Therefore, on my Pinterest board I pinned pictures of all of the capital buildings for each state and the capital building in Washington, DC. I would love to take this trip in the future with my fiancé before our wedding, if we can afford it. My cousin and his wife did a similar trip to this but only did the eastern states in the US and said that they wished they could do all 50 states. I thought it was a great idea and they seemed to have a lot of fun so hopefully I will be able to do a trip like this one day.

My Dream Vacation Pinterest board.

The assignment bank’s dream vacation web assignment.

My New Nikes

For this design assignment from the assignment bank I had to customize a pair of shoes. I chose to design a pair of Nike running shoes on I have actually ordered a pair of customized Nikes before from and love the process of making the shoes my own. I started out with a black pair of Nike Free 5.0 women’s running shoes (pictured below). I played around with the colors and patterns and ended up making the following pair (also pictured below):

NikeID Final

I am really happy with how they turned out and would order them if I weren’t a broke college kid. However, maybe I’ll ask my parents for them for my birthday.

The assignment bank’s customized shoes design assignment.

Winter at the Battle of Little Bighorn

For this visual assignment from the assignment bank I had to select or take a picture and change the colors, saturation, etc. to make it different in some way. I decided to use the picture I took at the Battle of Little Bighorn National Park of the Indian Memorial.

Here is the original image:

Battle of Little Bighorn - Indian Memorial

Here is my new image:

Battle of Little Bighorn - Indian Memorial (2)

I wanted to make it seem like it was winter at the memorial and like they were riding into a snowy battle. I changed the filter to black-and-white and added the vignette around it to look a little snowy. I love the way it turned out because I feel like I accomplished my goal of making it look like the picture was taken in the winter.

The assignment bank’s color changer visual assignment.