One Photo A Day

For this mashup assignment I had to take one selfie everyday and combine them into a video. I decided to take up the part of my host character because I don’t typically dress nicely everyday and since she has a job she would look nice everyday. So here is my video of Eve Winters taking a picture a day.

I really enjoyed this assignment because for a second week in a row I got to portray my host character everyday. I love taking up the part of my host character because it is something different from my usual day and it allows me to be more creative.

Sheldon Cooper Bazinga Moments

The first, and most important, step to complete this assignment is to download Windows Movie Maker, or another video editing software of your choice. Once you have downloaded this, or another, software you can start brainstorming the character you want to do your assignment on and what scenes from the show you want to use. Once you have downloaded Windows Movie Maker, or another editing software, you will want to open your program and familiarize yourself with what it looks like.

Mashup Tutorial Picture 1

I decided to do my assignment on the great Sheldon Cooper and I wanted to specifically use any scene where he makes a joke. He always says the word “bazinga” when he makes a joke so I wanted to focus on when he says bazinga. I then went on YouTube to find scenes where Sheldon uses bazinga to make a joke. You can use any other means to get the scenes you want to use but I used YouTube because it was easier for me. I then found the video clips I wanted to use and downloaded them to my computer. Once I had downloaded everything I wanted to use I imported them into Windows Movie Maker by clicking the add videos and photos button pictured below.

Mashup Tutorial Picture 2

Once you have imported all of your clips, they will be displayed in the section on the right of your screen, as shown below.

Mashup Tutorial Picture 3

You will then want to organize your clips into the right order. You can do this by clicking and dragging the clips where you want them. Once they are organized the way you want them to be you can be done with the assignment. However, I needed to cut some parts out of my clips so the movie flowed better. You can split clips by selecting where you want to split the clip and clicking the split button in the edit toolbar, as shown below.

Mashup Tutorial Picture 4

You can then select the newly created clip and delete it. You can split your clips and reorganize them until your clips flow seamlessly. You can also add a theme which will let you put a title frame at the beginning of your movie. You can choose your theme from the AutoMovie themes section on the home toolbar, as shown below.

Mashup Tutorial Picture 5

You should end up with a project that looks like the picture below. You will then want to save your project (in case you want to go back and change something later) and then save your movie. Both of these options can be found under the file menu pictured below.

Mashup Tutorial Picture 6

I hope your assignment turned out well and you can check out my completed assignment below:

Trek Wars Mashup

For this mashup assignment I had to mashup two iconic movie franchises. I chose my favorite two franchises Star Trek and Star Wars.

Trek Wars

In this picture Captain Kirk is helping the Jedis fight Count Dooku’s droid army on Geonosis. I chose this scene because the Jedi are trapped in a circle and there was a perfect spot open for another character to join the circle. So I found a picture of Captain James T. Kirk with a phaser, cut him out of his original scene, and added him to this scene. I really enjoyed this assignment because I got the idea while I was re-watching all of the Star Wars movies (so I can prepare myself for The Force Awakens). I saw this part in episode II and knew Kirk would fit perfectly into it.

Talky Tina Head Swap

For this mashup assignment I had to put Talky Tina’s head on something else. I decided to go with a popular meme:

Talky Tina Mashup

This assignment was tough because I didn’t know what I wanted to put Talky Tina’s head on. I asked my roommates and they pointed me towards memes and I eventually thought of this one. It is perfect because I was able to change the ending to “Talky Tina is coming” which is pretty creepy. Overall I enjoyed making this assignment but was frustrated with it until I thought of what I wanted to do.