A Winters’ Tale

For this audio assignment I had to tell a story and include sound effects and creepy music to bring it to life. I decided to act as my host character, Eve Winters, and tell the story of her mother’s run-in with the diabolical “Bloody Face”.

Honestly this story is creepy enough as it is without all of the sound effects and background noises but I decided to add them anyway. I found a sound clip of the main background music with the drums and what sounds like a triangle. I decided to keep it rather quiet and in the background though so it doesn’t distract from the story-telling element. I added in various sound effects towards the scarier parts of the story to add emphasis on those parts. I added in the static when Dr. Thredson captures, tortures, and rapes Lana because it is a pivotal moment in the story. I added in the distinct ringing of a triangle to highlight the quieter triangle rings in the background music and to emphasize the fact that Lana has successfully captured Dr. Thredson and recorded his confession to being “Bloody Face”. I added in the scary screech when Lana shot Dr. Thredson to accentuate her successful attempt at revenge. I also added in the ending to emphasize the fact that even though Dr. Thredson, the original “Bloody Face”, is dead, “Bloody Face” still lives on in his son.

Eve’s Morning

For this audio assignment I had to record sounds of my day and combine them into one audio clip. I decided to go about this assignment a little differently though. I wanted to create an audio clip of sounds that my host character, Eve Winters, encounters throughout the day.

I recorded my roommate’s alarm going off in the morning, I made my friend yawn for me, I then had my roommate walk down the stairs in our building, I recorded myself opening and closing the refrigerator door, whisking eggs, and frying my eggs. I decided that since Eve doesn’t have many friends, because her step-brother and step-father were both Bloody Face, she lives a very lonely and secluded life. Therefore, I only recorded my morning and used it to represent her morning. I intended for this to be a Sunday morning so she doesn’t have anything to do nor anyone to hang out with today. That’s why I only recorded her morning because it is the busiest part of her day.

911 Emergency

The first, and most important, step to complete this assignment is to download Audacity, or another audio editing software of your choice. Once you have downloaded this, or another, software you can start brainstorming the dialogue for your call. Once you have downloaded Audacity, or another editing software, you will want to open your program and familiarize yourself with what it looks like.

Tutorial Pic 1

I decided I wanted to do a comical call instead of an actual emergency call because the horror theme gets pretty dense after a while so I wanted to lift the mood. Once you have your dialogue written down you will want to record it using Audacity, or another audio editing software. Keep in mind the voice that is making the call and the voice that is the 911 respondent are supposed to sound different. Therefore, you might want to talk in one at a higher or lower pitch to begin with so it is easier to edit later.

Tutorial Pic 2

You will then want to record the lines of one side of the conversation by pressing the red dot button pictured above.

Tutorial Pic 3

Once you are happy with those lines you can record the other side of the conversation.

Tutorial Pic 4

You will then want to split each side of the conversation into the separate dialogue pieces. in order to do this will want to delete the extra silence and then place the cursor where you want to split the audio clip. You will then go to the edit menu, find clip boundaries, and select split (shown below).

Tutorial Pic 5

Once all of your clips and split you can organize the clips in the proper order of the conversation.

Tutorial Pic 6

At this point you will want to make sure it sounds like two different people are talking. If it does then great but if it doesn’t don’t worry. You can easily change the pitch of the voices by selecting the clip(s) you wish to change the pitch of and go to the effect menu and select change pitch.

Tutorial Pic 7

In the window that pops up will want to focus on the slide bar near the bottom of the window. When you move it to the left the pitch will go down (the voice will seem deeper). When you move it to the right the pitch will go up (the voice will seem higher). Play around with the pitch of the voices until you are satisfied with how they sound.

Tutorial Pic 8

At this point you can be done with the assignment. However, you will also want to consider if you feel like anything is missing from your audio clip or not. For example, I decided to add the sound of a phone dialing 911 before my conversation to complete my audio clip. I found it at freesound.org, one of the links on the audio resource page we were given. Once you are done with your assignment you will want to save your project and then export it. In order to export it you will need to go to the file menu and select export audio.

Tutorial Pic 9

I hope your assignment turned out well and you can check out my completed assignment below:

DS106 Radio Bumper

For this assignment I had to make a 15-30 second bumper for the ds106 radio station. At first I didn’t know what a bumper was but thought if I listened to ds106 radio on Monday I could get a hang of it. I heard some on ds106 radio on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and knew exactly what I wanted to do for mine.

I found the background audio from Mutual Attractions – Valley of Despair on SoundCloud. I cut it off at 30 seconds and added my voice in. I negatively amplified the background audio so you could hear my voice better, but still thought something was missing. So I decided to add in an evil witch laughing at the end to cap it off. I enjoyed making this bumper and hope everyone who hears it enjoys it too.

Wedding Emotion

For this audio assignment I had to create or display an emotion through sound effects. I ended up finding a beautiful acoustic version of the songs “Here Comes the Bride” and “Falling in Love With You” mashed together. I knew as soon as I heard it that I wanted to convey the emotion love by playing music and sound effects that you would normally hear at a wedding.

In this audio clip there was the song that I mentioned above that I found on SoundCloud as the main song. I added the sound effect of the baby giggling and crying that I found on FreeSound because every wedding I have been to there was always a baby (I don’t know why but it’s kind of weird). I also added the sound effect of a woman crying that I also found on FreeSound but don’t worry, those are happy tears. I needed one more sound effect added to my audio clip so I put in the clapping and cheering that I found on FreeSound because there is always clapping and cheering after the big kiss at the end of the ceremony. My overall goal was to make the listener feel like they are at an actual wedding which would evoke happiness and love in the listener.

Sound Effect Story

For this audio assignment I had to find 5 different sound effects online and put them together to make a story. I called my story “Revenge of the Dogs” because I based it off of the song “Who Let the Dogs Out?”. Before I give anything else away, here is my sound effect story:

I used the song “Who Let the Dogs Out?” at the beginning of the sound clip because it set the stage of the story and is what I based the entire story off of. I debated whether I wanted to use it or not since it had words but I determined that it was not “verbal communication” so it made the final cut in my story. I then added the barking dogs to show that the dogs were freed. I then found a sound clip of a man with an evil laugh and decided that he was the man who let the dogs out. I then decided that the dogs needed revenge on him since he was actually trying to steal the dogs so I found an angry growling dog. I added the sound clip to my story and doubled it and put them together to make it sound like a super angry dog. I then found an amazing sound clip of a guy screaming in a parking garage to create reverb. I separated his three screams and put the angry dog between them as if the dog kept attacking him. I enjoyed this assignment and loved that I could take it in any direction because when I began the assignment I wasn’t sure where it was gonna go but I love the end result.

As to how this connects to my host character, the man screaming is Eve’s half-brother. He has taken over his father’s place as Bloody Face and she is scared that he won’t stop killing people. So, she leads him to a dog pound and tells him to let the dogs out so the police will come and he can kill and skin them. However, she doesn’t tell him that in the pound there is a dog that was trained by the devil. The pound is his home and his base in which he trains the rest of the dogs to form a devil dog army. Therefore, when Johnny opens the gate and lets the dogs out the devil’s dog chases him and attacks him because Johnny let his army out. Johnny is hospitalized and the killing stops, but only for a couple of years or so.

Spooky Sound

For this audio assignment I had to make an audio track that was Halloween themed or scared the listener. It also had to be a minute or longer in order to give the listener enough time to be scared. Before I give anything away, here is my spooky sound:

I found the main song on SoundCloud, downloaded it to my computer, and imported it into Audacity. The song was originally 5 minutes long but I only liked the first 40ish seconds of it, so I deleted the rest of the song and added in the really quiet talking before it got quieter and added the white noise at the end because it scared my roommate so I figured it worked well together. I liked this assignment because I got to scare my roommate and get away with it by saying that it was for an assignment. In actuality I liked this assignment because it was my first time really using Audacity and it was a challenge while also being fun and new.