Who Am I?

For this design assignment I had to display who I am using the letters in my name. I treated every letter of my name as the first letter of a word that describes me and then made a collage of pictures to demonstrate those attributes. I came up with the following image:

Who Am I

As you can see my name is Brittany, therefore I used the words Beautiful, Realistic, Intelligent, Tiny, Taste-tester, Athletic, Nerdy, and Yawn to describe myself. I thought of the word beautiful because my grandmother used to always call me beautiful Brittany. I included my favorite picture of me and my grandma to represent the word beautiful. I thought of the word realistic because my expectations for myself and others are always realistic. I included the picture that says “keep calm set realistic goals” because I have had this picture up on the photo wall in my room for years. I thought of the word intelligent because everyone thinks I am smart because I major in computer science and minor in applied mathematics and data science. I included the picture “I love computer science” because I do love computer science and because that is why everyone thinks I am intelligent. I thought of the word tiny because I am very short. I included the picture “I’m not short I’m fun size” because that was my and my friend’s motto in high school. I thought of the word taste-tester because I love food. I included the picture of the girl with a lot of food because I eat a lot of food, all the time. I thought of the word athletic because I have played soccer for 15 years now and ran track for 5 of those years. I included the picture of the Women’s Club Soccer Team here at UMW at nationals because I love my teammates and am proud of our showing at nationals. I thought of the word nerdy because I am a computer science major. I included the picture of the breadboard that my lab partner, one of my closest friends, and I built last semester. I thought of the word yawn because I love sleep. I included the picture of the girl yawning and stretching because it displays sleep, which I love. Overall, I loved this assignment because it made me think and let me reflect on things that I haven’t thought of in a while and even though it took me forever to get all of the images together and into one image I enjoyed the work.

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