The Noble War

For this writing assignment from the assignment bank I had to find a picture and write a short story about it. I chose a picture of Tate, from American Horror Story season 1, when he was walking down the hallway of his high school preparing to shoot up the school.


He is preparing to fight his noble war.
On the outside, he is calm. On the inside, no one knows.
Only he knows the secret. Only he knows what is coming.
And no one can stop him, including himself.
He kills people. Even people he knows. Even people he likes.
Some of them beg for their life.
He doesn’t look sad. He looks like he doesn’t feel anything.
He thinks he is rescuing them from our filthy world.
Taking them somewhere clean and kind.
“Do you think I’m crazy?” He says.
Followed with gunshots and screams.
His noble war has begun.
Will anyone survive? No one knows.

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