Spooky Sound

For this audio assignment I had to make an audio track that was Halloween themed or scared the listener. It also had to be a minute or longer in order to give the listener enough time to be scared. Before I give anything away, here is my spooky sound:

I found the main song on SoundCloud, downloaded it to my computer, and imported it into Audacity. The song was originally 5 minutes long but I only liked the first 40ish seconds of it, so I deleted the rest of the song and added in the really quiet talking before it got quieter and added the white noise at the end because it scared my roommate so I figured it worked well together. I liked this assignment because I got to scare my roommate and get away with it by saying that it was for an assignment. In actuality I liked this assignment because it was my first time really using Audacity and it was a challenge while also being fun and new.

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