Sound Effect Story

For this audio assignment I had to find 5 different sound effects online and put them together to make a story. I called my story “Revenge of the Dogs” because I based it off of the song “Who Let the Dogs Out?”. Before I give anything else away, here is my sound effect story:

I used the song “Who Let the Dogs Out?” at the beginning of the sound clip because it set the stage of the story and is what I based the entire story off of. I debated whether I wanted to use it or not since it had words but I determined that it was not “verbal communication” so it made the final cut in my story. I then added the barking dogs to show that the dogs were freed. I then found a sound clip of a man with an evil laugh and decided that he was the man who let the dogs out. I then decided that the dogs needed revenge on him since he was actually trying to steal the dogs so I found an angry growling dog. I added the sound clip to my story and doubled it and put them together to make it sound like a super angry dog. I then found an amazing sound clip of a guy screaming in a parking garage to create reverb. I separated his three screams and put the angry dog between them as if the dog kept attacking him. I enjoyed this assignment and loved that I could take it in any direction because when I began the assignment I wasn’t sure where it was gonna go but I love the end result.

As to how this connects to my host character, the man screaming is Eve’s half-brother. He has taken over his father’s place as Bloody Face and she is scared that he won’t stop killing people. So, she leads him to a dog pound and tells him to let the dogs out so the police will come and he can kill and skin them. However, she doesn’t tell him that in the pound there is a dog that was trained by the devil. The pound is his home and his base in which he trains the rest of the dogs to form a devil dog army. Therefore, when Johnny opens the gate and lets the dogs out the devil’s dog chases him and attacks him because Johnny let his army out. Johnny is hospitalized and the killing stops, but only for a couple of years or so.

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