Seeing Stars

For this design assignment I had to create a maze. I wanted to try to do it on the computer so I went to word and started looking through the different shapes you can insert into the document. I decided that the coolest shape, in my opinion, was the star. So I inserted a lot of stars, each one smaller than the next, and stacked them inside of each other. I then decided that the center was going to be the end of the maze and put a circle in the middle. I then printed the outline of the maze and traced over it with pencil. I did this so I could add dead ends and gaps in the stars. I created the paths and then outlined it with red, blue, and black to be patriotic. The result is the fun little contraption below:

Star Maze

Unlike most of the other assignments I have done for this class, I just kind of went with it and followed my gut on what to do. I had a lot of fun with this assignment and good luck finishing the maze before you get dizzy and see stars.

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