Room Tour Remix

For the original assignment I had to make a collage of pictures of my room.

DS106 New Room

I decided to use pictures of my room at home because my dorm room isn’t as nice. I then had to remix it:

Room Tour Remix

For the prequel I decided to use pictures of how my room used to look when I was 7 years old.

DS106 Old Room

I really enjoyed this assignment because I had to think about how to make a prequel and was thankful that my parents took pictures of my room when I was little. I also enjoyed looking at all of my old stuff that I kept in my room.

One thought on “Room Tour Remix”

  1. Wow! This assignment is crazy! But I like it. Lol. Not many people have pictures of how their room was set up when they were younger (I definitely do not) It’s crazy to see the slight dramatic changes.

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