Mia Hamm Goal Instant Replay

For this video assignment I had to find a video clip that I like and create an instant replay of the video clip. I decided to use my favorite soccer clip of Mia Hamm’s 108th international goal in 1999. I love this goal because it broke the record for most international goals scored by a single player. Mia Hamm ended her amazing career with 158 international goals and inspired many girls, including myself, to play soccer.

I enjoyed making this video because I have watched this clip many times and never liked the way they had done the instant replay so I got to make it my own. Overall, I enjoyed making this video and learning how to use Windows Movie Maker.

2 thoughts on “Mia Hamm Goal Instant Replay”

  1. I enjoyed watching your video. Did you use Movie Maker as your only source for this project to create the instant replay?

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