Eve’s Morning

For this audio assignment I had to record sounds of my day and combine them into one audio clip. I decided to go about this assignment a little differently though. I wanted to create an audio clip of sounds that my host character, Eve Winters, encounters throughout the day.

I recorded my roommate’s alarm going off in the morning, I made my friend yawn for me, I then had my roommate walk down the stairs in our building, I recorded myself opening and closing the refrigerator door, whisking eggs, and frying my eggs. I decided that since Eve doesn’t have many friends, because her step-brother and step-father were both Bloody Face, she lives a very lonely and secluded life. Therefore, I only recorded my morning and used it to represent her morning. I intended for this to be a Sunday morning so she doesn’t have anything to do nor anyone to hang out with today. That’s why I only recorded her morning because it is the busiest part of her day.

One thought on “Eve’s Morning”

  1. I liked this assignment myself. I chose to associate this assignment with my host character Blair a few weeks back as well. Our sounds sound sort of similar since we both based our assignment off of our host characters morning.

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