DS106 Radio Bumper

For this assignment I had to make a 15-30 second bumper for the ds106 radio station. At first I didn’t know what a bumper was but thought if I listened to ds106 radio on Monday I could get a hang of it. I heard some on ds106 radio on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and knew exactly what I wanted to do for mine.

I found the background audio from Mutual Attractions – Valley of Despair on SoundCloud. I cut it off at 30 seconds and added my voice in. I negatively amplified the background audio so you could hear my voice better, but still thought something was missing. So I decided to add in an evil witch laughing at the end to cap it off. I enjoyed making this bumper and hope everyone who hears it enjoys it too.

One thought on “DS106 Radio Bumper”

  1. I really like your bumper, it sounds super spooky. I think the witches laugh should have been a bit quieter though. The lightning at the beginning screams classic horror, it really sets up the rest of the sample well.

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