DIY Home Decorating

For this video assignment I had to make a commercial for a DIY project that I have done. I decided to work with Ashley Jackson on this assignment because we both did the same DIY project in our apartments and it seemed easier to have her introduce the idea so I can explain the idea.

We decided that a better way to sell the product was to introduce it through a talk show style video instead of a commercial since the viewers can do it at home. I loved that I got to stick to my host character and make it fun by mentioning death. As you can see we have a lot of other bottles to decorate that we haven’t gotten to yet but hopefully we inspired you to decorate your place with these simple yet sophisticated little decorations.

8 thoughts on “DIY Home Decorating”

  1. I like the contrast between the upbeat host and the more darker character of Eve! Your dialogue was great and the added tidbits relating to your family’s history made for some really great subtle humor! I really enjoyed watching this, and it was such a clever idea to make into the form of a talk show!!! Awesome job!

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