Change in Tradition

For this video assignment I had to make a video of something that I love. The thing I love most about my family is how we always follow traditions while also changing things up sometimes. The perfect example of this was Easter 2015 when we decided that my brother and I would hide the Easter eggs outside and my parents would hunt them. We had a blast and my parents got to reminisce in the past while my brother and I got a break from looking for all of those eggs.

I chose my favorite 8 pictures from the day and put them in chronological order of when they were taken, so you can follow along in the hunt for all of the eggs. I also decided I wanted to make a title slide to introduce the video so I imported an Easter egg border into Gimp and typed out the title of the video in a light green color because it was spring time. I then uploaded it to YouTube and found the background to add to it. I chose this song because it is upbeat and happy like that day was but also edgy which showed that we were changing tradition. Overall, I enjoyed this assignment and thought it turned out pretty well.

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