A Winters’ Tale

For this audio assignment I had to tell a story and include sound effects and creepy music to bring it to life. I decided to act as my host character, Eve Winters, and tell the story of her mother’s run-in with the diabolical “Bloody Face”.

Honestly this story is creepy enough as it is without all of the sound effects and background noises but I decided to add them anyway. I found a sound clip of the main background music with the drums and what sounds like a triangle. I decided to keep it rather quiet and in the background though so it doesn’t distract from the story-telling element. I added in various sound effects towards the scarier parts of the story to add emphasis on those parts. I added in the static when Dr. Thredson captures, tortures, and rapes Lana because it is a pivotal moment in the story. I added in the distinct ringing of a triangle to highlight the quieter triangle rings in the background music and to emphasize the fact that Lana has successfully captured Dr. Thredson and recorded his confession to being “Bloody Face”. I added in the scary screech when Lana shot Dr. Thredson to accentuate her successful attempt at revenge. I also added in the ending to emphasize the fact that even though Dr. Thredson, the original “Bloody Face”, is dead, “Bloody Face” still lives on in his son.

2 thoughts on “A Winters’ Tale”

  1. My mouth has literally dropped from this back story. I can’t believe this story! This is so intense it makes me want to hear more. This twisted tale of the disturbed and dysfunctional family. This makes me more eager for our radio show next week!

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